Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresenius, Naturalyte and GranuFlo causing heart attacks and stroke in Jackson, Mississippi

News broke concerning individuals who have had heart attacks and strokes soon after finishing a dialysis treatment. If you or a loved one have had a heart attack or stroke after having a dialysis treatment you may have a claim and should seek an attorney near where you live. Jackson, Mississippi attorneys are ready to help answer your questions and direct you in next steps if you have been injured in this way.

Dialysis treatments conrain chemicals to regulate the body's pH. In this instance Fresenius put too much acidic or basic elements in their dialyis medication which has caused the cardiovascular system of dialysis patients to go into distress and has caused heart attack or strokes.

These injuries usually occur within 48 hours of the dialysis treatment and if they do occur it is very likely that they are directly related to the dialysis treatment. Mississippi attorneys are currently accepting dialysis heart attack and stroke cases. Don't delay, call today to preserve your rights.

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